Data Science

San Francisco

Key insights come from many different places, and increasingly, the level of data fluency required to interpret enterprise data shuts most people out of the conversation. We believe the next generation of products must enable more viewpoints rather than less, because a wide range of knowledge, experience, and ideas leads to better outcomes. Together we can remove this barrier to entry by distilling complex topics, like AI and machine learning, into easy-to-use tools that bring people back to the table.

As one of the founding members of the Data Science team, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future of You will implement and develop cutting edge technology in real life problems with immediate and tangible implications. As such, you will play a key role in defining’s product itself and help clients define their data driven strategies. Given the breadth of customers, you will constantly be challenged by a diverse set of questions, and you will be asked to help shape our product in such a way that our customers are able to leverage the power of some of the most complex tools in your arsenal

What you’ll do

Drive the development of key algorithms focused on causality analysis, feature selection, supervise, unsupervised data modelling, reinforcement learning modelling, among others …

Take a leading role in driving our product roadmap with the goal of helping non technical users access AI and machine learning

Manage the design and analysis of experiments; develop and socialize a rigorous culture of experimentation throughout the entire company.

Play a foundational role in building a data culture at through reproducible work, improved processes, and better tooling.

For both internal customers and external customers, develop hypotheses and test them with data, rather than solely or primarily attempt to glean patterns from the data already in front of us

Define and monitor key metrics through consistent tracking, KPI’s, and dashboards.

Partner with customers

○  To drive insights on their businesses by using’s platform

○  To help educate our customers on the power of’s platform and how easy it is to use

Who you are

You have 4+ years previous experience as a data scientist, data analyst, or data engineer

You have strong knowledge of statistics and experimental design.

You have experience writing and optimizing complex SQL queries for large data sets and are fluent in Python and familiar with R, Java, C++

You are experienced in conventional machine learning algo development

Experience with setting up or modifying data pipeline jobs (using Spark SQL, Scala, etc)

Experience evaluating predictive model performance and understanding of ML algorithms (Logit, Random Forest, Neural Nets, Reinforcement Learning, etc))

You possess a natural curiosity and strive to uncover the deeper relationships that are not always immediately discoverable.

You have the ability to translate raw data into meaningful business insights and be able to tell a story with data

You are an excellent storyteller and able to communicate your findings with clarity and precision, whether through writing or visualizations

You are a team player valuing intellectual honesty

A PhD or MS in a quantitative field with a strong computer science component (e.g., Economics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Computer Sciences, Engineering)

More about is a diverse team creating products that push the boundaries of applied AI at a pivotal time in its history. We are operators, ML researchers, traders, distributed systems engineers, designers, and experimenters with decades of experience leveraging technology in complex environments. We see the growing enthusiasm and fluency around data science converging with technical innovation to create the demand for accessible augmented intelligence:, headquartered in San Francisco, has raised its seed round financing from Goldcrest, 8VC and Bow Capital as well as executives from companies like Stripe and Palantir, in one of the largest seed financings of 2020.


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